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The IPv6 Institute
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The core mission of The IPv6 Institute is to foster the development of well-trained engineers and professionals to support the ongoing commercial and institutional deployment of IPv6-based global networks. The Institute will certify that adequate, demonstrated hands-on skills levels are mastered and attained by individuals aspiring to become accomplished IPv6 network engineers, IPv6 network architects, and IPv6 application developers. 
Related Institute's goals are to:
  • Educate the user community about new commercial and technical IPv6 advancements; and,

  • Advocate and document to the vendor community the commercial-driven demand (and the revenue opportunity) for the acceleration of IPv6 product development encompassing the entire enterprise network infrastructure, including intranet-, Internet-, and extranet-IPv6-based routing; IPv6 end-point security; IPv6 wireless and mobility; IPv6-enabled business applications; and, IPv6-ready DNS services.
The IPv6 Institute takes a global view of the mission, without exclusive emphasis on regional markets.

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The IPv6 Institute, in conjunction with the University of Arkansas Global Campus, announces the launch of a high-quality/high-value series of IPv6 Certifications.  IPv6 is the inevitable next step in the evolution of any-time, any-service, any endpoint connectivity for 21st century connectivity-based economy, from enterprise networking to mobility connectivity and multimedia services.

Qualified personnel will be key to the massive migration to IPv6 expected in the next 3-5 years.

Institutions need to be certain that they are hiring and/or developing the right talent for this next-level of connectivity.  Networks now represent the lifeblood of any organization and are as critical as braintrust, electricity, raw materials, and open markets to the survival, success, and thriving of any modern institution, be it a commercial enterprise, a government agency, or a media aggregator/distributor.

Professionals need to be able to show that they have developed a demonstrable level of proficiency in the elemental concepts of next-generation networks.

The IPv6 Institute, the leading industry source for IPv6 technology and development, which has been a beacon of industry intelligence and a prime advocate for the rational deployment of the IPv6 technology for nearly ten years, in conjunction with the University of Arkansas Global Campus, announces the establishment of a high-quality/high-proficiency IPv6 Certification program.

The IPv6 Institute Certification (IPv6Cert®) program supports a demonstrated advancement of functional and hands-on knowledge in IPv6 deployment, migration, and applications, as follows:

  • IPv6 Institute Certification Level 1(IPv6Cert®1): Comprehensive knowledge of IPv6 technology
  • IPv6 Institute Certification Level 2(IPv6Cert®2): Demonstrated knowledge to deploy an IPv6 network and migration of an IPv4 to IPv6 infrastructure
  • IPv6 Institute Certification Level 2 Cisco(IPv6Cert®2C): Demonstrated knowledge of Cisco-based IPv6 Network elements
  • IPv6 Institute Certification Level 3(IPv6Cert®3): Demonstrated knowledge to deploy IPv6-based voice, multimedia, and sensor-network applications
  • IPv6 Institute Certification Level 4(IPv6Cert®4): Demonstrated knowledge to secure IPv6 networks with high-assurance perimeter and endpoint security

Interested professionals will be able to take the IPv6Cert®1 certification exam either on-line or at one of the many IPv6 Institute-sponsored conferences throughout the world.  Professionals will be able to take the IPv6Cert®2 thru IPv6Cert®4 certification exam at one of the many IPv6 Institute-sponsored conferences. 

In addition, The IPv6 Institute is planning to offer 1-day heavy-duty preparatory courses for these Certifications at the many IPv6 Institute-sponsored conferences (course-material only is also available).  While these courses are not mandatory to prepare for the exams, they certainly provide a solid foundation for knowledge base of professionals and firms interested in cost-effective and hassle-free deployment of the inevitable next-generation technology from world-leaders in the space.

The exams will be administered starting 3/4/2010.